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The Life & Business You Dream of is Within Your Reach.

Success Starts Today!

Building a business online doesn't have to be hard and doesn't have to take a long time see real results and make some good money!  I'm passionate about growing the smart way, with proven strategies and systems to automate the process and grow profits while still having a life!

I love sharing what I've learned over the years as an entrepreneur and business growth strategist.  I look forward to helping you make more money on your terms, without trading all your time!

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Hey! I'm Portia

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Growth Coach

Working hard is good...
but working smart is better!

6 Steps to 6 Figures Cheatsheet by Portia Leonard Business Coach

Ready to grow your Business...the
Smart Way?

Grab my 6-Steps to 6-Figure guide to get clear on your winning biz plan!

“Portia is a wealth of knowledge,

she has taught me so much about business and entrepreneurship.”

- Nikki Samuels - Educator

“I was all over the place and undercharging for my services. Portia helped me get really clear on my offer and my value!”

- Miranda Nunez - Parent Coach

“Portia's YouTube videos inspired me to believe that I could do it, she is so down to earth and relatable.”

- Tonya C. - New Entrepreneur

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