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Meet Portia

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Success Coach

From the inner city of East Harlem NY, I've come a long way from the project apartment I grew up in. I knew I wanted more for my life than the bars on my windows and hanging out in front of the building.  After countless jobs I hated and bosses I couldn't stand, I decided to take matters into my own hands for the sake of my dreams and my young family. It took two years of trial and error, starting and stopping businesses, before I finally started to 'get it'. I'm so glad I stuck with it, because entrepreneurship has saved me!

20 years later, I've learned invaluable lessons on entrepreneurship, grit and perseverance. Although it may not be easy, it is absolutely worth it, and there are some proven short-cuts that will help you get to your goals much faster and without the exhausting frustration and crippling doubt.

When you build a business you love, your whole life will change and it will impact the life of those you love as well!

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