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Hey there!

I'm genuinely happy that you're here!  Whether you're ready to make some real changes in your life, looking for business support, or just want to know what I'm all about...I love it! :)  Like you, my journey hasn't been a walk in the park but I live to tell about it, and for that I am grateful. Feel free to scroll down and learn a bit more about me and why I do what I do.

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My Story

Born and raised in East Harlem, NY, my mother instilled in me the belief that I was more than my current circumstances and that I could do great things.  I auditioned and got into LaGuardia HS of Performing Arts, and pursued an acting career for a period of time after graduating.  As an extroverted introvert, I loved the freedom of expression and vulnerability that it allowed me, but I never felt as though I had control over my acting career and much of it was in the hands of others and 'who you know'.

When I got married and had my first child at the tender age of 20, I knew I needed to make some money, so I bought a suit and put together a fancy resume and landed my first real corporate job working in HR, down on wall street!  Friends and family were impressed and as much I was making good money, I was unhappy.  I began writing resumes as my first side hustle and after being caught right in the midst of tragedy on September 11th, I decided to go full time with my entrepreneur aspirations.  I was in shock when I put together my own little website and learned the basics of SEO, and got my first sale!  I was in awe at the concept, that you can literally think of an idea one day, present a solution to the world another day, and have people buying it and loving it the next.  Needless to say, an Entrepreneur was born!


I have since went on to build multiple service based businesses from scratch.  Some of which include a daycare program, home staffing agency, career coaching and certification program, digital products and courses, and various side hustles.  This all has led me to my passion project, coaching up other new and growing entrepreneurs.  In my entrepreneurial journey, I often felt alone in the process since I didn't know any other entrepreneurs personally so I turned to social media and books for guidance.  This lack of network cost me a lot of time and money wasted trying to figure everything out on my own.  It was discouraging and frustrating, any sometimes I even quit and went back to corporate but I never stayed there long.

That is why I started Max Growth Business Group, to support and empower other career driven professionals and entrepreneurs on their journey to success and share the lessons, strategies, and techniques I've learned over the years that have contributed the most to my business growth and success.

If you're interested in working with me schedule a clarity session and let's get started working towards your goals! 

Much success and happiness,

Portia :)


Let's Work. Let's Collab. Let's Connect.