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5 Best Work-From-Home Business Ideas 2023

Working from home is becoming more and more common, from remote job opportunities to building full fledged online businesses, working from the comfort of home is all the rave.

Here are some of the most profitable home based online businesses that you can start today;


Websites are still very much a need in the market place. With more and more professionals turning to entrepreneurship, more people need help building their business with website design and development. The great thing about website design is that it's highly profitable and you can learn how to design them easily on platforms using Wix, SquareSpace and Wordpress. For simple tutorials, check out Udemy, Coursera and of course YouTube University.


If you're not familiar with dropshipping, you must've been living under a rock LOL. Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to get into ecommerce business. You simply find a supplier and sell their products with your branding on top of it. You don't need to house inventory or invest a lot to get started. Get started on sites, and


One of my very favorite business models is the digital product and service space. The idea that you can create a digital or info product and continue to make money from it without shipping anything or reinventing the wheel is amazing. Some of the top digital products include webinars, courses, ebooks, checklists, worksheets, templates, membership programs and many many more. Grab my complete list of the top 100+ digital product ideas to sell.


My favorite business by far is a nanny placement agency. If you're a caregiver, a healthcare worker or a parent, then this business may be just the business for you. Nanny agencies have the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue due to the high demand for quality childcare. Unlike daycare, nanny employers are willing (and able) to pay top dollar to have reliable, trustworthy care for their young children while they work. Check out the Nanny Agency Business Academy for more information, tips and training on how to get started with opening a nanny service.


Finally, coaching has become all the rave nowadays. Many more people are finding the value and benefit of having high level coaches to help them in their relationships, with their finances, lifestyles, mindset, business and more. Coaches can offer 1:1 services, group coaching programs or hybrid membership variations. If you are skilled at something, have experienced something that can help someone get the same desired result, coaching may be right for you.

Which one of these work form home business ideas interest you the most? If you'd like help starting and growing your business, schedule a call with me at Portia Leonard - Entrepreneur Growth Coach

Much success on your dream life journey!

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